How it Works

If in any doubt, simply phone 0417 394 117 and we can do it all over the phone 


Step 1:

- Click on any of the products you are interested in, this will take you to a screen where you can select type and quantity of that product. If you have selected Concrete for a Weekday or Saturday delivery, you also need to select the preferred date and time.   (you can order in 'points' of a m3 ie: 3.2  - the page wont let you do this, but at checkout, you can simply put your request in the 'notes' and we will be sure to amend your request accordingly, per further info below)

Step 2 - Add any delivery notes in your cart

For example: 
- We know you can't currently order ',' of a m3 ie 4.2m3, so when your viewing your 'cart', in the grey "special instructions" section, write in the exact quantity of concrete you require, we will read this in the back end and make sure your delivery and pricing is corrected. 

- If you want the trucks delivering your concrete to be more than 30mins apart.

- Specific directions if the delivery address is hard to find.

- Where you'd like the steel to be placed on site.

Step 3 - Check out

When you checkout, we will only initially charge you a $5 booking fee (your order payment will be due later). 

Depending on the time of day you place your order, you will be phoned/texted or emailed either the same day, or the following morning to further confirm your request.  

Step 4 - Payment

You will be sent a confirmation email, this will have the specifics of your job, as well as features a 'blue button' that you can press to take you to 'checkout' for your order.  You will be phoned approximately 1 hour ahead of delivery for 'final confirmation', you can also provide your card details at this point.  Deliveries will not be released until payment has been secured, by either of these 2 options. 

Certain concrete orders may attract a "Truck reserve/bond". This reserve/bond is held pending any possible 'extra's' that maybe incurred, such as waiting time or returned concrete. You will be advised about the inclusion of this, if it is required. 

When you complete check out we place a hold on your credit card for that amount. It dose not leave your account until after delivery has occured. 

If you incur extra's on your delivery, regardless of your job having a Truck reserve/bond or not, you will be contacted for payment of the same.