Concrete Weekday Delivery  ~  Prices are pm3 & are Inclusive of GST - if you want 'points' of m3, please add to notes at checkout

Concrete Weekday Delivery ~ Prices are pm3 & are Inclusive of GST - if you want 'points' of m3, please add to notes at checkout

  • $201.30

We do supply concrete in 0.1m3 increments!!! 

Simply place your order for the closest figure you want, when you go through to 'View Cart' you can write in the 'Special Instructions' exactly how much crete your after ie 4.8m3  - the final 'checkout ' email you receive back will list the correct $ amount for your quantity of Concrete

Delivery fee applies for less than 3m3

Loads of  .6m3 to .9m3  $132.00inc gst Weekday

or $148.50inc Saturday Rate


Loads of  1m3 to 2.9m3 $132.00inc gst Weekday

or $121inc Saturday Rate


Our fresh, ready-mix concrete comes straight from the batch plant to your site.

We use major, reputable concrete suppliers you can trust.

You can expect a delivery from a big-brand batch plant.

Learn more about concrete with our concrete guide.
See the "How to Order" tab above (below the Add to Cart button) if you're stuck on ordering.

There is no payment required at initial checkout/booking request. 

 Once we receive your order, we will endeavor achieve your requested delivery date/time you will receive confirmation of this via phone call, text or email, either straight away, or possibly the next day, depending on what time you place the order.

You may be asked for a Truck Reserve/Bond depending on the qty and circumstance  of concrete you order.  This  is a reserve/bond that we hold on your card just in case there are any Additional Charges you take on during the job, such as truck waiting time etc. If you incur no charges, then we will not charge it to your card.

In order for us to ensure your delivery is dispatched on time on delivery day, we need you to either complete 'checkout' on the confirmation email you receive, or provide card details when you are phoned for final confirmation. We ALWAYS phone ahead of delivery, for final confirmation. 

When you complete checkout via the returned link sent to you, or you provide card details over the phone, a 'hold' will be placed on your card for the amount listed. It will not leave your account until after delivery has occurred.  

After the delivery, we will check with the batch plant if any Additional Charges were taken on, such as truck waiting time, or returned concrete disposal. This can take 3-5 days to occur in some instances.  If any extra's were incurred you will be contacted, advise of the same, so payment can be obtained. Or they will be deducted from your 'truck reserve/bond' accordingly. 

To save yourself time, click " Remember me" at the end of your initial checkout, that way all your details will be ready to go when you're checking out your invoices. Details will be protected with a code sent to your mobile, which, once entered, will autofill the rest for you. 

What's included in the Price

- Delivery (within 20km from the closest batch plant)

What's not included :

- Wait time, depending on supplier you will have 30mins or 45mins to unload

- Minimum Cartage @ $132.00inc gst (or $148.50inc Saturday's) for

orders of .6m3 to .9m3 


$110.00inc gst (or $121inc Saturday's)  for order 1m3 to 2.9m3 

- Wastage disposal, returned concrete 

- Adjustments to the default mix (Accelerators / Retardants etc)

Please read the additional charges (not included in the price of concrete) before ordering.

If you order more than 7m3, your delivery will require more than one truckload. Our default spacing between delivering each load is 30 minutes. You may require more time if you are using barrows instead of a pump, are new to concreting or there are issues with access. If you need a different spacing between deliveries, be sure to let us know by writing a note in your cart (top right).

We also have a minimum order of 0.6m3 in a single delivery.

On the day if you need more concrete than the quantity ordered, you must contact 0417 394 117 to ensure further payment is received so that your job can proceed without effect. 

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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For more information please read our terms and conditions.